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"OROSCOPO" Restaurant

Recently renovated, Oroscopo Restaurant is located at the square in front of Divani Caravel Hotel for more than 30 years.

43 Sarantatrio (Fourtythree)

Πολυχώρος κατανάλωσης και πώλησης εδώδιμων εδεσμάτων και ποτών
Αμβροσίου Φραντζή 43 --- 11743 Athens, Greece
Τηλέφωνο επικοινωνίας: 2130263347


From magazine

Τρεις συντάκτες του «γ» δοκιμάζουν τρία πιάτα από το χειμερινό μενού του Aleria (...)

Arsenis Tavern

ARSENIS ISERIS, the owner, extends a warm welcome to diners at this traditional taverna, located in a pleasant, central area in Athens. 


The only vegetarian & vegan full-service restaurant in Athens!

Open Monday-Saturday: 11am - 10pm | Sunday: 11am - 7pm (...)

Da Vinci Gelateria

The tradition of Italian gelato is ancient and has an importance recognized throughout the world. In spite of the challenges this heritage (...)

Elaias Gi (Olive's Land)
Treating you to Greece…

Through a delicate travel in time, the Greek land and its products, the customs and its habits, but also through creative (...)

Funky Gourmet Restaurant

We believe in a cuisine that is both funky and gourmet.. fine dining that is innovative and also playful, that activates the senses, that truly engages our guests in a stimulating (...)


An invitation to share our food and culture

We chose the name Gostijo as it means “sharing food” in Ladino, the traditional language of Sephardic Jews. And this is the aim of the restaurant (...)

Indian Chef

Located in the heart of Athens(2 minutes walking distance from metro acropolis), the INDIAN CHEF is a vibrant and modern restaurant serving delectable Indian cuisine, combining high-quality fresh Greek products (...)

Lithos Restaurant

At the preservable building where you are on this day, there was a tavern operated from 1947 till 1982.
It remained closed until September 1996 when we created, with great (...)

Naftikos Omilos Palaiou Falirou

With the sea at the center, in an environment with a relaxed mood, Cafe Restaurant Omilos is ready to welcome you in the early morning for an invigorating coffee (...)

Shoinovatis Kafe Bar

Στα Εξάρχεια θα βρείτε τον Σχοινοβάτης καφέ, όπου σας περιμένουν γευστικά πιάτα στις καλύτερες τιμές. 

Με δημιουργική κουζίνα όλη την ημέρα.

To Serbetospito Tis Nansy - Nansy's Sweet Home

All we have to say is what people say about us..

- The best place with the best people! Loved both times we went there!

Ερμής Ψητομεζεδοπωλείο

What They posted on the facebook..

"Μεσημέρι 25ης Μαρτίου , η μυρωδία της σκορδαλιάς έχει απλωθεί παντού!!!"(...)